Praised by the media as “Singapore’s hardest-working rock band”, this all-male trio has risen to fame from humble beginnings that included rehearsing in an abandoned steel cargo container with the idea of entertaining at a church funfair.

That was back in the mid-90s, since when Electric Company became Electrico and the first English-language band in Singapore’s history to top the bill at the city state’s National Day Parade grand finale show in 2009.

In fact, the 2009 NDP theme song “What Do You See?” was written by Electrico and belted out at the gala show via a sophisticated Shure wireless PA system, as a clear and inspirational message to resonate with Singapore’s 4 million-strong population.

This was the latest “first” scored by the indie rock band, which uses Shure’s legendary microphones wherever they perform, record or rehearse – even in that cargo container back in the ‘90s!

Electrico was the first Singapore band to hit the radio charts, first to receive a nomination for the MTV Asia Awards and the first Singaporean group to be invited to take part in the prestigious South by Southwest Festival, involving more than 1,400 performers around Austin in the US over four days.

In July 2009, Electrico also became the first Singaporean band to play at Taipei’s Hohaiyan Rock Festival, which draws some 400,000 fans over a three-day period.

All three men are quick to highlight the crucial role played by their Shure gear. Frontman Tan said: “I have used a Shure SM58 for vocals for as long as I can remember and we always use SM57s to mike up drums and amps.” Drummer William Lim added: “The sound quality you get from Shure products is always flawless. You just can’t go wrong with Shure.”

With three albums and 12 single releases to their credit, Dave Tan (guitar and vocals), Desmond Goh (bass) and William Lim (drums) continue to build on their stature as Singapore’s most popular English-language rock outfit, while making a name for themselves all over Asia and beyond.

Harking back to the band’s first album, “So Much More Inside”, Tan said: “We used an old SM57 to track demos at William’s house for the first album. That mike was an invaluable piece of equipment then!”

In 2008, the trio won the Top Local English Pop Song category of the COMPASS awards for the third time, while David Tan was awarded the COMPASS Young Composer Of The Year title. The band was also nominated for Best Singapore Band and Best Local Song honours at the Power98 Singapore Music Awards. As a finishing touch to a highly-successful 2008, Tan was awarded the Martell VSOP Rising Personalities Award and the band was nominated for the Favourite Singapore Artist categoryof the MTV Asia Awards.

Interestingly, the trio has abandoned the traditional floor “wedge” fold-back monitoring setup for stage performances in favour of Shure’s PSM wireless earphone solution. Lim explained: “The in-ear monitors are far clearer, as drum and amp sounds from wedges tend to drown out other aspects – but with in-ear monitors, you get a balanced mix and can connect with other band members for a tighter result.” Desmond Goh added: “The Shure in-ear monitor system gives me more confidence when on stage.”

On the subject of new projects, Lim said: “We have a new jamming studio in which we come together to share ideas – and, yes, Shure is a crucial part of the setup.”

Tracing the band’s success story in the run-up to Singapore’s 2009 NDP celebrations, marking 44 years of national independence, a newspaper commented: “Breaking ground overseas while reinforcing its roots at home is a tall order and puts Electrico in the running for a James Brownesque award for hardest-working local band.”



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