Kireek (DJ-HI-C and DJ YASA)

Having fought valiantly in DJ battles including the DMC and Vestax Extravaganza, HI-C and YASA have developed an outrageous style since the Kireek two-piece orchestra was conceived in 2002.

Kireek’s extraordinary juggling-and-scratching performance would be impossible for just one DJ to handle – especially as the two artists run four turntables and DVJ gear between them in order to achieve what they call their “fresh style”.

No-one could dispute that this is a truly winning formula, as Kireek has won the DMC DJ Championship’s Team World Champion title for three consecutive years to 2009.

Not surprisingly, audiences are attracted to unique performances involving a variety of musical genres, club gimmicks and a spirit of freedom and enjoyment.

Taking their distinctive style overseas, HI-C and YASA perform throughout Asia and in Europe. Back home, Kireek performed at the Fuji Rock Festival rave in 2007. This was also the year in which they received their first World Championship title after making their debut in the team category of the DMC DJ Championship in London and outperformed the world’s strongest teams from Germany, France and the UK. They made their second world championship bid in October 2008.

In July 2007, the duo released “Kireek Breaks”, which wowed DJs all over the world and spurred them on to break new ground by creating remixes, original sounds and mix CDs containing music that refuses to be instantly labeled.

DJ HI-C began his career as a “turntablist” in 2000 after being influenced by the super juggling technique created by 1998 DMC Japan champion DJ AKAKABE. Since that inspirational beginning, DJ HI-C has competed in many battles using juggling and scratching techniques that have extended well beyond the limits of conventional DJ performances. He won the Teen’s DJ Championships in 2002, then became Vestax Extravaganza champion in 2003 and 2005. At the following World Final, he won Asia’s first Vestax World Championship by beating world triple championship holder Tigerstyles from England, who had previously won the DMC, ITF, and alliesbattle.

DJ HI-C said: “I always use Shure M44-7, unless I’m forced to run with another maker’s model. The Shure cartridge allows me to focus on scratching and juggling without having to worry about skipping.”

Back in 2002, DJ YASA made his DJ tournament debut by coming fourth in the Turntable Art Battle, since when he has won many championship titles. For example, he became Japan Champion of the DMC DJ Champion event in 2003 and 2006 and took fourth place in the DMC DJ Championship World competition in 2003. Moving onwards and upwards, he became Vestax Extravaganza Japan Champion in 2004 and was placed second in the DMC DJ Champion World event in 2006 and 2007. They won the DMC World Team Championship 2010 title.

DJ YASA said: “I used the M44-G cartridge when I started, then changed to M44-7 about nine years ago after hearing that it does not allow needles to skip on the turntable. For turntablists, the most important aspect of a cartridge is to deliver superior skip resistance during a performance. Sound quality, of course, is also crucially important.”

Speaking as one as well as working as one, DJ HI-C and DJ YASA declared: “Shure cartridges give us the greatest sense of reliability and security.”


What Kireek (DJ-HI-C and DJ YASA) uses

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