This next generation “turntablist” shot to fame after being placed in the top eight at his very first tournament – the Hip Hop Nation 2003 – I.T.F. Japan Championships Final DJ Battle.

Going from strength to strength, DJ CO-MA went on to win the championship at DMC Japan Kanto and Vestax Extravaganza Central Region in the preliminaries in 2004.

He then won the title at the DMC Japan Final Battle the next year and was placed in the top eight at the World Final. Achieving a record-breaking two victories on the bounce, DJ CO-MA became the third DMC World Champion, in the footsteps of DJ KENTARO and DJ AKAKABE, at the World Final. Then in 2006, he became Champion of the DMC Battle for World Supremacy.
After winning the DMC World Champion title in 2008, he released a recording of world-class scratching and juggling techniques on his first mix CD, which he called FRESH AMBITION. DJ CO-MA’s DMC World Championship 2010 result is the second.
DJ CO-MA said: “I started using the Shure M44G cartridge just as soon as I bought my first turntable – that was approximately nine years ago. I always use Shure, although I have changed to other maker’s models because of tournament rules. Otherwise, I will only use Shure, because the needles are the best and do not jump on the turntable. They also produce such a deep sound! Shure equipment is an absolute necessity for my performance at tournaments and showcases. In fact, I hope Shure develops my own signature model!”
DJ CO-MA also said: “I think SRH750, the DJ headphone, can be used in various ways. As it’s really tough, it can be used for monitoring as well as for DJ use”.


What DJ CO-MA uses

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