DaDawa is a world acclaimed Chinese musician-artist. With her unique vocal and out-of-ordinary philosophy of creativity, she is recognized as a key influential figure in Chinese music. She has devoted to cultural conservation of the minority ethnic communities in China and in 2009, she was appointed as the UNDP China’s National Goodwill Ambassador. With more than 3 million CDs being distributed over 50 countries, Dadawa is also the pioneer indie Chinese artist who heads toward the world. She has won the World Fusion Album of the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMA) Vox Populi, and had been nominated for BBC Awards for World Music in 2007.

Dadawa has performed on various world-class stages including the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Royal Schools of Music in United Kingdom, Carnegie Music Hall, Kennedy Center, Boston Symphony Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Grand Theatre, Vancouver UBC Chan Centre, and London Millennium Dome. Throughout her professional musical journey, she has found a trustworthy partner, Shure.

Dadawa recalls the first feeling of holding a Shure microphone on the stage, “Once I held it, I could feel the richness, the security and the confidence in myself. Then, I heard my voice flying in the air vividly.”

She tells that Shure is very popular in China and its mics are most widely used and trusted by the professional musicians there. Among all Shure products, Dadawa loves SM57 most. “It is a perfectly all-round live sound microphone, being competent for a full range of percussion, wind, string and strum sounds.”

In 2010, Dadawa brought along the music maestros from Yunnan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia and Tibet to complete the successful concert tour named “世界听•见•朱哲琴与民族歌乐师“ throughout Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. The performance was fully supported by Shure. “I was impressed by the UHF-R/KSM9 wireless microphone systems. It was Shure that really made the concerts a big success.”

Apart from the impressive experiences, Dadawa also has visions of music with the partnership of Shure. “As a songsmith, every brain-storming experience creates a song molecule. Moreover, I have worked intensively on gathering precious native Chinese cultural music in recent years. I am therefore looking forward to the pioneer Shure to develop the latest products, so as to capture the highest quality of the Chinese voice of human, musical and nature,” concludes Dadawa.


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