Anson Hu

Anson Hu was influenced by his sailor father who always brought back music cassettes from abroad. He participated in a singing competition when he’s only 13 and signed with Universal Music at 16, and had his first album at 18. Since then, he received numerous awards, from mainland to Hong Kong and to Taiwan, titled with the Best Male Singer. He has released six albums with some his own productions. He is specialized in keyboard, guitar, bass and drum. From the first album"文武双全",he leaded the trend of R&B music in mainland, and labeled the “Mainland R&B King" title. Later he mixed the rock and many traditional Chinese elements in his music and built up his unique Hu styles. He grew up as the most promising young singer in the generation of Chinese pop musicians of the mainland. Since his fifth album "Man KTV" well recognized in Asia, he was given the title new Asian King of Love Songs by media. At the end of 2008, Anson had his concert in Taiwan, which was also the first mainland singer who had commercial concert in Taiwan. This is also recorded in Taiwan history of pop music.

Anson wrote and produced music for many artists such as: Leo Ku, Richie Jen, Elva, Cyndi Wang, Zhang Yun Jing, Karena Lam, He Jiong, Huang Xiaoming, and Liu Xiang, etc. Also he had made music for many TV shows and movies, which played a significant role in Chinese music back stage works. He is one of the best new generation musicians.


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