Troy Cassar Daley

Troy Cassar-Daley has earned the reputation as one of Australia’s finest country performers, honing his craft over the course of 20 years and 6 studio albums. This stellar career is recognised by the release of “Born To Survive”, the Best Of Troy Cassar-Daley through EMI Music.

As a child of an Aboriginal mother and Maltese father, his childhood is the stuff of legend – growing up in Grafton, running away to live with his father in Surry Hills, teaching himself to play guitar. Cassar-Daley has grown from these humble begins to become one of Australia’s most loved and recognizable performers – culminating in his recent star turns on “Standing On The Outside” – The Songs Of Cold Chisel” performing “Bow River”, and TV series “It Takes Two”.

For the past three years Troy has utilised a Shure PSM 700 personal monitor system and Michael states that he still can’t get over how good it is!

“It’s been phenomenal,” he said. “Troy has a very mixed audience from eighteen to eighty year olds and the sound needs to be very smooth to cater to everyone. With the in-ears it’s definitely been doing that because there’s no stage sound so I have total control over all the sound. It’s amazing when you turn the sound off out front and turn the desk down, all you can hear is the snare drum. All the volume is in the PA and nothing is compromised.”

Shure microphones also dominate the stage with Beta 87, Beta 57A, Beta 58’s, Beta 52A and DMK57-52 microphones ensuring quality reproduction.

”We always have our Shure microphones and together with the Shure in-ear monitors, everything stays the same wherever we play because they’re industry standard,” added Michael.

Troy has his own home studio where he again prefers Shure microphones; the KSM 32,
KSM9CG, SM57, SM94-LC and SM81-LC models.


What Troy Cassar Daley uses

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