The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows, consisting of Jonathan Chua, Sandra Tang, and siblings Benjamin Kheng and Narelle Kheng, burst onto the Singapore music scene in May 2012 with their luscious harmonies and special brand of soul-folk, creating a solid buzz across the island-state. In the short time since then, they’ve amassed more than a million views on their YouTube page, which is kept stocked with unique covers and ear-tingling originals. Leading Singapore broadsheet, The Straits Times, described their rise to fame as meteoric: Their self-titled debut EP was released to great acclaim in October 2012. They have also gone away on a North American Tour that included international music festivals South by Southwest in Austin, TX, and Canadian Music Week in Toronto, ON; won a week of studio time with 5-time Grammy award winning producer Steve Lillywhite, CBE, courtesy of The Music Society, Singapore; and were invited to play at three other international music festivals, Digital and Music Matters in Singapore (May 2013), as well as MU:CON and Zandari Festa in Seoul, South Korea (October 2013) and the Western Australian Music Festival (WAM 2013) in Perth, Australia.

The band members are excited about the fantastic support from Shure, enabling them to use the best gear for all their recordings and performances, both live and in the recording studios. We recently put some questions to The Sam Willows:

How long have you been using Shure products and has it been a part of your performance from the beginning? Do you remember what the first Shure product you had used was? We've been using Shure products for many years now. Of course there's the classic SM58. But we've been using SM57s for miking our guitar amps for as long as I can remember.

Do you remember the first time you got your hands on a SHURE mic? When was it? Which recording session or performance? The first mic I ever bought was a SM57 back in 2003. It was for miking my electric guitar amp for a wedding performance! Do you remember who or what prompted you to make that particular mic choice? I was very inspired by Edge from U2, and I followed his gear path very closely. So the wise-choice was to get the SM57!

Do you have home studios where you jot down ideas and the like, and is Shure a part of that at all? Yes I do. My make-shift home studio uses primarily Shure Mics. I've got the KSM44A as the main mic for recording vocals and I recently got the SM7B for recording vocals!

What is your comment on Shure products? Share your experience on Shure products. How do Shure products make a difference on your performance? (Wireless Mic system / Wired Mic) Shure products are just awesome! I've had many different wireless guitar systems over the years and recently got my hands on the GLX-D Digital Wireless System. It's by far the most convenient and reliable system I've ever used.

Which Shure product(s) do you particularly like? (pick one from wireless and one from wired) Why? I love the SM87C and the GLX-D Digital Wireless Systems. Those are The Sam Willows go-to products! The clarity and pick-up of the SM87C allows us to blend our harmonies better and the GLX-D Digital Wireless Systems just allow us to dance and perform freely and easily!


What The Sam Willows uses

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