Richie Allan

A New Zealand born musician, a composer, producer, front man and lead guitarist for his instrumental band Heavy Metal Ninjas and guitar/bass player for NZ heavy weights, Kora.

Playing guitar since the age of 11, Richie has through the years found his individual connection with the guitar that has sparked his own unique sound of Rock, Metal and Melodic Ballad Orchestration.

His unique style, exceptional guitar work and impressive live show presence has picked up attention locally and overseas through performing live shows with his bands Heavy Metal Ninjas and Kora, magazines, radio, online media, T.V and performing clinics, which critics have named him NZ’s own guitar virtuoso.

Richie is also a longtime producer and audio engineer, before joining the stage with Kora he was also their live sound engineer 10 years prior, he also produces, engineers, performs, mixes and masters his own stuff with Heavy Metal Ninjas.

Heavy Metal Ninjas are set to release more videos, tour and set off internationally in 2014 with a new album due to follow in 2015.

Shure are very happy to have Richie Allan onboard as the newest member of the Shure Artists team. Richie is equally happy "I have been using Shure products for a very long time, in the studio and around the world, you know what you want and you know what to expect, I am really glad to be a part of the Shure family.”

Richie talks about his new GLXD16 Wireless Guitar Pedal System "I have had the privilege to get my hands on the new Shure GLXD16 Guitar Wireless System. Instantly impressed, great tone, freedom, distance and feel. No sacrifice in my tone, it can mount to your pedalboard and has a built in tuner/killswitch."


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