Midnight Gallery

Now Sound and Shure are very happy to have Midnight Gallery on board as the newest members of the Shure Artists team in New Zealand.

Midnight Gallery is the latest musical project of Adam Fuhr, Edgar Mahon and Tyla Pere. Growing up listening to 90s Hip Hop and R&B in their local stomping grounds of Newton Central, Thames, and Freemans Bay, the trio combine these influences with their years of musical experience. Performing a balance of rap and singing over soulful beats, and using lyrics to express real life and everyday experiences and struggles. Edgar comments "The whole point of rapping for me is telling your story, using Shure microphones I’m confident the message will come across Clear.”

Midnight Gallery's début album ‘MIDNIGHT GALLERY’ has been well received nationally showcasing Edgar Mahon on Raps, Tyla Pere on Vocals and Adam Fuhr on Production. The album includes singles ‘Scars’ and ‘Memory’ which have already been receiving radio playtime across national radio stations George FM, Flava, Base Fm, Bfm and Kiwi.

Their latest release ‘Work & Sleep’ was recently performed live on TV One’s Good Morning show, promoting their gig on the Promenade Stage at Jimbeam Homegrown 2015 where they will be using Shure mics, headphones and in-ears. Tyla comments that "my Shure SE425 in-ears have changed my life” with Adam adding "the Shure Beta Microphone series are my favourite microphones for live use, whether it’s my BETA58A on vocals or BETA57A on instruments. With my Shure SRH940 headphones, I can be confident that mixes will translate well to a live PA, due to the headphones' very clean and even frequency response, even in the sub-bass range

Big thanks to Now Sound for being so supportive.”

Now Sound and Shure proudly supporting New Zealand music.


What Midnight Gallery uses

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