Manasi Scott

Manasi Scott is a highly celebrated Indian singer, song writer, and actress. She already started singing at a very young age, and won the first of many singing competitions at the age of 8. Manasi recalls, “On that first stage, I knew I was home”.

Looking back at the beginning of her career, Manasi says, “Back then entertainment as a profession hadn’t picked up as much as it has now, so I initially started to perform for pocket money, and later professionally throughout my years at school.”

She kick-started her professional singing career with Pune's hottest rock band Dark Water Fixation, which was offered an international recording contract in the 1990's while she was still in school. Being an A-grade student Manasi decided to complete her education first and obtained a degree in Software Engineering and post-graduate degree in TV and Film Production.

“Then BOMBAY changed it all!” Manasi remembers. “Mumbai truly is the city of dreams. It's this magical place that makes everything possible. I got onto a stage here, and suddenly life changed.”

“When I started singing as a career, it wasn't until I met the incredible (late) Chaitanya Karmarkar - a sound engineer, a music aficionado, a guru, a friend - that I stepped into the incredible world of learning how to engineer my voice through the right microphone and processing equipment.”

“I know I've sung mostly on the Shure wired SM58 microphones all through the early years. That mic is a rockstar's mic. The grunge, the bass, the raw clarity you get on that mic is so incomparable that many live performance venues still use them as primary vocal mics.”

“Shure mics are my mics because they are the only microphones that allow my entire vocal range to be heard the way it should be. From the bass jazz notes, to falsetto Bollywood singing; from the grungy rock tonality to the easy R&B feel, I can sing any song in any language and love how I sound all thanks to Shure!”


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