Kate Miller Heidke

Fearless. That was the word that kept coming up when Kate Miller-Heidke was dreaming up her second album. Fun was another one. The fact that she even dared to dream while her 2007 debut Little Eve was still ringing loud and clear suggests a couple more F-words. Forward. And Fast.

Building on the unique vocal and performance dynamics learnt through early operatic training and a love of musical theatre, Miller-Heidke's live shows are as affecting, fun and memorable as her songs. Miller-Heidke and her band have performed hundreds of shows in Australia in recent years, and Kate is now renowned for being one of Australia's finest live performers. A recipient of the Helpmann Award for Best Contemporary Concert, Miller-Heidke is now right at home on stage in large rooms packed with her ever-growing hoard of devotees.

Miller-Heidke is also making significant inroads abroad, and has played to large audiences in the UK, the USA, Spain, New Caledonia, Cambodia and Nepal. In October 2009, she will tour the US as special guest of Ben Folds.


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