Originally from Mangalore, Gurukiran or Gurukiran Shetty is a noted music director in the Kannada film industry in India. With a background as a singer and keyboardist, he began his career in 1994, as an assistant to the well-known director and lyricist Sri V. Manohar. In 1998, Gurukiran debuted as music director for the Kannada blockbuster movie "A," directed and acted by Upendra. Gurukiran’s music for his next movie, “Upendra” won the hearts of Kannadigas all over the world and further cemented his position in the industry.

Known for his lively musical scores, Gurukiran is also a loyal Shure user. When asked when he started using Shure, he shared “I’ve been using Shure for the last 13-14 years and of course the first microphone was the SM58®. From then on [the SM58] was a regular on my tech rider.” But why did the SM58 become Gurukiran’s go-to mic? “Initially it was an accident; the sound guy just gave it to me. But later the mic took over and made me use it again and again,” he explained.

Gurukiran summed up his relationship with Shure by saying, “Performances are very different from recordings, the reason being there are no retakes. We usually have a large turnout for our shows and the people trust us. And in return, I trust Shure. Once I’m working with Shure I’m really confidant because I know the show is on.”

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