Blacklistt (Formerly known as Blindspott) is one of New Zealand’s most successful Rock Bands.

Their Debut album was released in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and Japan. To support these releases, the band toured U.S.A. Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan with some of the Worlds top rock acts such as Metallica, Deftones, Linkin Park, Alexisonfire, Avenged Sevenfold to name a few.

The song "Phlex” was a number airplay single and top 5 Gold single. It stayed in the top 10- Airplay charts for over 3 months.

"Yours Truly” was the first single of the bands sophomore album "End the Silence” and was recorded by Ed Rose (Emery, Puddle of Mud, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kurt Corbain). The highly anticipated album was produced by Phil Henriccson and Eskil Lovstrom (Poison the Well, Refused, Cult of Luna, Komeda) and was released in May 2006 making Blindspott the only band in New Zealand history to have two consecutive number 1 debut albums both shipping gold on release.

Both Albums have gone Triple Platinum

1,000,000 Youtube hits, 100,000 albums sold, 16,000 Facebook likes, 152 Myspace views. Blindspott sold out on CD/DVD: Live at the Powerstation is at Gold status.

2011 saw the band re-invent themselves under the name Blacklistt, the song "From the Blind Spot” went straight to a High A rotate on all major radio stations and was Vodafone's highest downloaded songs in NZ history with 7500 downloads on the first day.

We recently put some questions to Blacklistt:

How long have you been using Shure products and has it been a part of your performance from the beginning? Do you remember what the first Shure product you had used was? As long as I can remember I have used a SM58. No matter how out of control it got at those westie parties, the 58 survived and we gave em hell too. It always delivered. You just know your sweet if you have a 58.

Do you remember the first time you got your hands on a SHURE mic? When was it? Which recording session or performance? I remember my first band practise as Blindspott in a dingy west Auckland garage. It was the end of 1996. As Blacklistt, its all Shure everything. Do you remember who or what prompted you to make that particular mic choice? No but I do remember trying other mics after using the 58 and not having the same experience. Not long after that, I bought one. It stayed with me for years. When I started getting into recording my guitar ideas I got a 57. It does the job.

Are you the one choosing the microphones? Yes

Can you describe your process for choosing a particular [SHURE] microphone for a particular track? What’s the biggest challenge in finding the right mic for the job? The challenge is capturing the honesty in the sound. What you hear from the instrument or amp and what is translated through your monitors or headphones. Accuracy is vital. Do you have a "go-to” [SHURE] mic for certain instruments? Why did you choose Shure among all other brands? Yes! The SM7B! I almost use on everything at the moment. Its warm and also very honest. I always use it when micing a bass cab. I’ve also used it on vocals a lot. I choose Shure because of the honesty. I know 100% that I’m in good hands and am going to get an honest translation in my recordings.

How do Shure products make your jobs easier? When your time is limited you know you can go straight into your drawer and grab your Shure mics to get the job done quickly and effieciently. Its like a fail safe. Loking at my studio I have a KSM42 setup already for vox, my SM7B is setup on my bass cab and a 57 on my guitar cab. That’s gotta say something!

Do you have home studios where you jot down ideas and the like, and is Shure a part of that at all? Usually I just record using a acoustic so I’ll throw a 57 on it to get the idea.

What is your comment on Shure products? Shure products are reliable, accurate and trustworthy. Quite simply Shure is the best!

Which Shure product(s) do you particularly like? Why? The 940 Headphones are sick! I won’t mix on anything else! The SM7B is deadly! I always get what I’m looking for when recording.


What Blacklistt uses

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