Annie Crummer

Annie Crummer, captured the nation's heart in 1985 when she popped up in the Netherworld Dancing Toys' hit For Today. In the video for the song, the big-haired, baggy shirt-wearing girl from West Auckland was barely out of her teens and painfully shy. But she stole the show when, two minutes and 40 seconds in, she took control of the microphone.

Annie has been performing and using Shure mics since she was a young girl. She is passionate and committed to the Brand because Shure embodies what Annie strives for....Quality. Shure and Now Sound are extremely proud to introduce Annie Crummer as our newest Shure Endorsee.

We recently put some questions to Annie:

How and what do you know about Shure Brand and Mics? SHURE is an iconic brand. Specializing in mics that are RockStars in their own right!

What does Shure mean to you? EXCELLENCE!

Do you remember your first Microphone? When I was 12 years old, my father bought me the SM58 of which he had my name engraved on it ~~ it's quality was marveled by everyone.

Have you used Shure mics throughout your career? Which ones? Throughout my career I've had the use of a variety of mics but fortunately the SM58 is usually what's on offer.

What about the quality and sound of Shure products? It's all about the warmth for me, it's how I hope my music is received, absolutely SHURE products enhance my personally desired sound.

Do you like using wired or wireless mics? Yeah, I've always preferred wired, I like feeling connected . . .

What did you think when we demoed the Shure wireless mics compared to wired? . . . but then I had the privilege to personally test out the difference at the SHURE showroom. The wireless KSM9 has cured any doubt I had that I'd lose the warmth I always seek.

What are your likes/dislikes with using in-ear monitors? Oh,at first it can take a bit of getting use to ~~ even with one ear in . . . but once you've adjusted, the benefits are priceless!

Are monitors important and do they contribute to you giving a great performance? As a vocalist, the in-ears are extremely important for preservation of the voice, therefore peace of mind and confidence in knowing you can deliver your best vocal performance.


Born of a tahitian mother and a cook island father, Annie resides in new zealand.

A trans-tasman artist commuting between new zealand and australia. Worked with Australian artists'; Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Diesel, Christine Anu and Kate Cebrano to NZ artists'; Dave Dobbyn, Tim and Neil Finn, Herbs, When the Cats Away and Hollie Smith.

Released first single at the age of 16, "once or twice” which reached #16 on the NZ Charts. In 1993 released debut album "language” which gained platinum status, then in 1996 released 2nd album "seventh wave” reaching gold. She has won numerous music awards including best female artist in 1993 – also nominated for best female artist at the 1996 a.r.i.a's in australia. In 2002 Warner Music NZ released, Annie Crummer "shine” the best of.

As a solo artist, Annie has supported and toured with Sir Paul Mccartney, K.D. Lang (aus), Ray Charles, Sting (aus & nz) and Michael Jackson.

In 1998 Annie won her first musical role as the soloist singing ‘seasons of love' and played ‘joanne' in australia's production of Jonathan Larson's hit musical "rent”.

In 2003 Annie won the lead role of ‘Killer Queen' in the Australian production of "We Will Rock You” written and directed by ben elton to the music of legends ‘Queen'. Annie recorded ‘another one bites the dust' to queens original multi-track at roger taylors studio in london. WWRY saw Annie touring Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia ‘til 2008.

April/May 2010 ~ Annie completes a season of auckland's production of ‘Rent' playing the role of ‘Joanne' and also singing ‘Seasons of Love'.

March 2011 ~ Annie proudly assists her father, will crummer, with the release of his critically acclaimed cd/dvd, ‘Shoebox Lovesongs'.

In June 2011, Annie was honoured with the ‘lifetime achievement award' at the pacific music awards.

‘Project Annie.C.' is the working title of her next cd . . .

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