Angus & Julia Stone

Earlier this year Angus & Julia Stone, the brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, released their self-produced album "Down the Way" which debuted at No.1 in the Australian charts. It has since reached platinum status and is so far the highest selling Australian Artist album for 2010.

The pair have completed their first world wide tour with all dates selling out and the remainder of 2010 sees the siblings travelling around the world for festivals and a second world wide tour. Accompanying them on their journeys will be a variety of Shure microphones all tenderly cared for by their regular monitor engineer Luke Mulligan.

”Shure is always my first choice of microphone,” he stated. “Both Angus and Julia use the Shure KSM9 vocal microphones. The KSM9 is a premium vocal condenser microphone and I love them. They suit the band very well because the show ranges from quiet whispering to really loud singing. Their dynamic range is incredible and the KSM9 capsule handles all of those dynamic changes really well. It’s a very detailed microphone and sounds amazing with in-ear monitoring.”

”I’m also using KSM32’s; mixing them up on guitar amps, overheads and ambient mics, depending on the room” remarked Luke. “I love the KSM32 as it’s so easy to use, durable and sounds great. I have KSM137’s for hats and SM87A’s for the backing vocals. The SM87 is a really impressive microphone – it fits the band for backing vocals due to its highly directional supercardioid pickup pattern and also sounds smooth, warm and accurate. I also love the BETA 91 in the kick drum, it’s a microphone that just seems to work for me in every situation and I can always get what I want out of it.”

Over the course of the last three years the duo have ventured everywhere from the Scottish Highlands to the heart of the USA. This tireless touring has expanded their audience with Myspace plays now exceeding five million. With a worldwide tour kicking off in their native Australia in March the siblings are set to continue to win yet more hearts across the globe in 2010.



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