Abhijeet Sawant

Abhijeet Sawant is an Indian performer, TV host and actor who began his foray into the path of live entertainment a decade ago, winning the first season of Indian Idol. He later also participated in other singing competitions and was a finalist at Asian Idol (2007) and Clinic All Clear Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar (2008). Since kick-starting his career in 2005, Abhijeet has released three albums and continues to win the hearts of music lovers across the country with his soulful style of singing and his versatile voice.

Having come a long way with his music, Abhijeet still remembers his first encounter with Shure: “I first got my hands on a Shure mic during my first college performances. Back then I didn’t know much about what microphones I could use for my performance, but to my good fortune the sounder manager for the event provided us with a Shure microphone.”

“As a novice to the industry, I slowly but surely learned how external devices could help to enhance and improve the quality of the sound of my voice and bring a superior quality to my performance. Now when I pick equipment for my performances, one of the key features for a microphone has to be its ability reduce noise and isolate the main sound source. And together with in-ear monitoring systems I can further push myself and ensure that every performance is perfect.”

“Shure products are the Industry standard when it comes to choosing a microphone for either a live performance or a studio performance. I consider Shure to be a premium product, especially when it comes to microphones. They possess an extraordinary ability to capture subtle voice nuances and help me to deliver clear and distinct sounding performances with great sound quality time after time.”



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