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Shure Launches MOTIV™ MV88+ Video Kit In South Korea

Today at Seoul, South Korea, Shure unveiled the MV88+ Video Kit, featuring a digital stereo condenser microphone that provides content creators with an all-in-one solution for capturing professional-quality recordings on-the-go. Supported by local distributor, SAMA D&I, the launch event was fittingly held in the headquarters of Podbbang, the leading podcast platform in South Korea where content creators frequented.

The event welcomed a large crowd of blogger, podcasters, vloggers and media to experience the power of the MV88+ in various scenarios. One of the scenarios was the Mukbang, a trend originated in South Korea, which a host eats different kinds of food in front of the camera while interacting with an audience. Using the real-time monitoring function, guest could experience first-hand how well the MV88+ could pick up the mouth-watering eating sound of different kinds of food at the Mukbang station. “With the MV88+, you can listen clearly how crispy the fried chicken are!” Mukbang Youtuber, Chiyoon excitedly shared on stage. “In order to pick up the eating sound clearly, Mukbang videos are primarily filmed in the quiet ambience of a studio. The MV88+, with its adjustable polar pattern through the MOTIV Video app, make it possible to film in a restaurant” said Chiyoon, who has recently filmed a Mukbang video in a fast food restaurant with the MV88+.

Chiyoon was only one of the six influencers and vloggers to share the brilliance of the MV88+ on stage. Others included musician OThankQ and BigMarvel, travel vlogger, Happysaea, TV producer Hyun PD, and gadget lover, GJJB. All of them has spoken about how they are using the MV88+ in their own way to create content. As a Youtuber with 6 million subscriber, Big Marvel specifically admired the GSM immunity function that allows him to do live streaming broadcast anywhere to interact with his followers without worrying about interference noise. He was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound recorded by the MV88+ given its small form factor. Happysaea also thought highly of the MV88+. The highly portable design of the MV88+ can easily fit in her hand bag and is perfect for travel vloggers who is always shooting on the go, while the stereo microphone is able to capture truly authentic ambience of her travel destinations.

“The MV88+ Video kit is great tool for various kinds of content creator” said Roy Hung, Senior Marketing Manager at Shure. “No matter you are a journalist, vlogger, podcaster or musician, the need for exceptional sound is common and undeniable. However, the development of mobile phones generally focused more on the video quality and often neglected the audio aspect of recording. This all-in-one solution empowers every content creator to create video content with extraordinary sound quality using your mobile phone.”

The MV88 + VIDEO KIT can be purchased in South Korea at the SAMA Store and authorized distributors from April 15.

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