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The Opening Concert of Shanghai International Arts Festival “Folk Music along the Sea" Relies on Shure Wireless for Flawless Audio

For the first time ever, the 18th Shanghai International Arts Festival kicked off with a traditional Chinese folk music concert, “Folk Music along the Sea”, which is the latest original music by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. Shure supported the festival opening concert by delivering stellar sound quality and stable wireless performance despite the complexity of the show.

Managed by the sound director of Radio and Television Shanghai, Mr. Ji Haowei, the festival opening ceremony has utilized 4 channels of Shure Axient Wireless Management Network for the hosts. The two hosts have shared the four wireless channels, with two of them used as backup. Following the ceremony, the “Folk Music along the Sea” concert began and its live sound reinforcement was then managed by Mr. Gu Yu, the sound director of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra.

A total of 47 wireless channels were installed to meet the different wireless requirements of the show’s choreography and TV broadcasting. It included 23 channels of Shure UHF-R® Wireless Systems (11 channels of UR1 bodypack transmitters and 12 channels of UR3 plug-in transmitters) and 24 channels of Shure ULX-D® Digital Wireless Systems. Furthermore, the Shure Wireless Workbench software was also used for full monitoring of the entire frequency network, which was efficiently planned by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra System Engineer, Mr. Zhou Rensuo.

The concert consisted of four chapters - "Wind", "Elegance", "Praise" and "Peace" with a total of 12 songs. To fully demonstrate the beauty of Chinese folk music, almost a full set of folk musical instruments was played during the concert on stage, including wind, string, plucked strings and percussions. The lineup of the concert was also fascinating. It featured numerous renowned musicians and performers from China and overseas.

“Folk Music along the Sea” was created to present the harmonic beauty of Chinese music, through the creative designs in choreography, visual, audio and lighting, which were inspired by the concert’s original music. Given their flawless and efficient wireless performance, Shure ULX-D and UHF-R bodypack transmitters powered up different solo performances of the show, including Chinese transverse flute, ancient instruments (cross-blowing backhand flute), Gu Sheng (Chinese Zither), Erhu, Cello, Korean Drum, Shaoqin, Liuqin (four-stringed Chinese mandolin), Nguyen, Pipa, Jing Hu (two-stringed Chinese fiddle) and Kun Style Opera by Zhang Jun. Meanwhile, the UR3 plug-in transmitters primarily were used for the other solo instrumental performances of drums, Konka Drums and Guzheng.

The sound director of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Mr. Gu Yu, shared the challenges to manage the live sound reinforcement for this concert. Several factors needed to be considered to ensure the success of the show. For example, how to perfectly demonstrate the original sound of each instrument, manage the different settings of the choreography throughout the concert when there was only 30 seconds in-between different scenes on stage, not to mention, maintaining quality for a live recording. Therefore, the use of wired microphones was not ideal, because it would be impossible to have enough time to transition between scenes on stage. This resulted in using a large number of wireless transmitters and receivers.

Given the huge numbers of wireless channels and the complex stage environment, a precise frequency planning is crucial. The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra System Engineer, Mr. Zhou Rensou, deployed the Shure Wireless Workbench software throughout the concert from pre-show frequency planning and to live performance monitoring ensuring a stable and uninterrupted wireless performance.

Each nation has a signature sound of their own, and the best way to know it is through local folk music. Once again, Shure wireless systems have demonstrated their unparalleled audio quality and stability with tremendous success to the performers and audience.

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