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Shure Asia Expands with New State-of-the-Art Experience Center

Newly expanded facility offers an up-close and personal experience of the latest Shure conference solutions in a modern, real-life environment

Shure Asia is pleased to announce its expansion in Asia Pacific with the opening of the company’s first Shure Experience Center in Hong Kong. The first-of-its-kind demo facility aims to help customers find the ideal solution for their audio needs, presented in a state-of-the-art, modern corporate environment.

“More and more multinational corporations are establishing their headquarters or enlarge their presence in Asia, which makes it one of the most important geographic regions for Shure, particularly in the integrated systems market,” says William Chan, Managing Director of Shure Asia. “These companies increasingly rely on AV conferencing as main business communication tool. As a manufacturer, we want to support our customers in making such collaboration more effective, and help them identify what audio solution best meets their needs. This is why we built our new Shure Experience Center.”

Situated in the new, expanded office of the Shure Asia regional headquarter in Hong Kong, the Shure Experience Center offers a perfect platform to get a true experience of the company’s audio solutions in a real-life workspace. Comprising a high-end Boardroom, Huddle Room, and a large Multi-Purpose Room, each with live product demonstration capabilities, it provides varied application examples for Shure customers and partners in Asia.

Besides serving as a demo space, Shure Asia also utilizes the new facilities for internal needs, incl. video conferences with the company’s worldwide office locations, in-house meetings, as well as product trainings through the Shure Audio Institute. Chan adds, “We’re taking our products to the test every day. This really shows how our solutions perform in a normal business environment and serves as proof that our products deliver what we promise to our customers.”

Product Showcase & Demonstration Capabilities

The Boardroom showcases Shure solutions for AV conferencing in a state-of-the-art meeting environment and is equipped with the latest Microflex® Advance™ MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone, MXA310 Table Array Microphones, and Microflex® Wireless System. The audio setup is completed with digital signal processors and video codecs to enable direct IP calls to the nearby Huddle Room and Multi-Purpose Room, where the same Shure solutions are used for live demonstration.

Flush-mounted into the ceiling of the Boardroom and Multi-Purpose Room, the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone presents the latest networked systems product from Shure. As literally invisible audio solution, it maintains clean aesthetics of modern corporate environments, while providing highly accurate audio capture for effective collaboration between remote conference sites. The microphones have been pre-configured for different applications and setup needs. These presets can be selected via a central control panel in each room to allow fast and easy re-call as needed.

The flexibility of the MXA910 Ceiling Array is particularly demonstrated in the Multi-Purpose Room. The venue is usually divided into three individual, 16-seat conference rooms - with one ceiling array each - and serves as “far-end” during demo video calls with the Boardroom. When combining these rooms for larger events such as company meetings, seminars and trainings, the ceiling arrays can also be used together for voice lift, ensuring that everyone can hear and be heard clearly across the 1,100 sq. ft. room.

If needed and/or preferred by the user, the Boardroom and Multi-Purpose Room are also equipped with Microflex Wireless Systems as wireless alternative. The systems include gooseneck microphones for AV conferencing use, and handheld microphones for content sharing or presentation, and are completed with Networked Charging Stations, Access Point Transceiver, and SCM820 IntelliMix Automatic Mixer for mixing of audio outputs. The networkable components are also linked to the latest software product from Shure - the SystemOn Audio Asset Management software - which allows central control and management of Shure hardware across large-scale installation, supporting AV/IT staff who are in charge of enterprise-wide deployments.

To address the fast growing trend of small-size meeting spaces, a 4-seat Huddle Room has been installed at Shure Asia’s new demo facility. Featuring both soft codec and hard codec AV conferencing capabilities, the room presents a simple collaboration workspace and demonstrates the MXA310 Table Array Microphone and a two-channel Microflex Wireless System with boundary microphones. The compact design makes these solutions ideal for small workspaces, while their flexible performance ensures high quality sound when used for discussions among virtual teams.

Chan comments “High quality audio is such a crucial aspect when you want to improve productivity and efficiency of remote teams, and we hope that with our new facilities we can educate our customers and raise awareness for the importance of audio. Hearing is Believing. It makes all the difference when you are able to provide a real-life experience of what audio systems should sound like.”

For customers who are interested in conference systems with advanced meeting management capabilities, the Shure DCS 6000 Digital Conference System is also readily available for demonstration. A DIS-CCU central unit is installed in a server room next to the Boardroom, with pre-wired DCS-LAN connection in the conduit of the Boardroom table allowing for fast setup of the delegate units.

Beyond Audio

“We put great emphasis on the audio quality and performance of our products. Simplicity - both from an aesthetic and technological perspective – is another, important consideration for our customers, and we wanted to be able to demonstrate this as well,” says Chan. “That’s why the Shure Experience Center also integrates a range of third-party technologies to show what simplicity really is in a corporate environment.”

In Shure Asia’s new state-of-the-art demo & workspace, the meeting rooms are integrated with a Crestron processor, allowing to control all equipment at a fingertip. The central control system covers everything from selection of microphone configurations or audio sources, volume control, to tele- and video-conferencing, TV and video presentation, and room lighting. All can be set and managed easily through a custom-programmed app on iPads which are placed in each room.

Greatly contributing to simpler and cleaner working environments, traditional conference phones no longer exist in the Shure Experience Center. The microphone systems are directly connected to VoIP systems. Numbers can be dialed directly on the central control iPad, and the room loudspeakers provide sound reinforcement.

With the use of wireless presentation servers, cables are hardly found in the new demo facilities. Meeting participants can now wirelessly share their computer screens on the large TVs. The solution also allows several participants to share their content at the same time, via a split screen, making collaboration even easier.

Last but not least, each room also has a Crestron room scheduling system installed at the door, allowing to quickly check whether and how long the various meeting rooms are available. The scheduling system is connected to the company’s Outlook calendar to allow fast, real-time booking.

“We are so proud to be the first Shure office to launch this kind of Experience Center, and we are excited to display a modern environment that also addresses our customers’ other key concerns, including network integration,” concludes William Chan. “I believe the Shure Experience Center clearly demonstrates our commitment to this market segment, and shows that we are a strong partner who is willing and able to support our customers in Asia and around the globe.”

For more information on Shure products, please visit www.shure.com/asia.
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